About Us

CheckUrBills is more than just a platform where customers can view their bills, get monthly bill notifications, and pay using any bank accounts, credit card, GCash, and Paymaya. It is a movement to promote a customer payment habit that facilitates ease of collection and on-the-go payments.

CheckUrBills started this 2020 with some Landbank merchants, primarily government agencies – NGAs, LGUs, SUCs, GOCCs, and government-sanctioned utilities (electric cooperatives, water districts). It kept on growing and growing; this only because we encourage the company to move forward, and explore more changes for online and digital innovation for its customers and clients.

CheckUrBills is part of one of the top IT Solutions in the Philippines—PhilPaCS or Philippine Payment and Clearing System, promoting a digital and online society and delivering solutions no matter how difficult the challenges we have to overcome,

And we just keep on making history.